„Photography is an interpretation of reality. Let me show you how I see the world.“

It was while working in the lighting department of a theatre that I discovered my affinity for light. I simply picked up a camera and went for it. Before I knew it I was travelling the world working on photo shoots. One could say this got in the way of my completing a degree in French and German but in fact I was already taking photos as a child. I have always felt drawn to relating to the world through this medium. 

The most challenging and interesting thing about photography is finding a way to transfer a person’s perception of themself to a still image in such a way that they see something new. Part of that is establishing rapport in a short time, creating the ease that allows them to be their natural, unique self, then capturing them in ways that they can recognize in my interpretation of them. Image photography is about creating a feeling for the subject. That’s the kind of photography I am interested in. An “imperfect” image can be very emotional. What is out of focus becomes a space for our imagination.
My preference is to work with natural light. It brings a quality of authenticity. The moment looks real and believable. I grasp the highly technical and yet never lose sight of the artistic and aesthetic expression of the work. The bulk of my clients have had an on-going relationship with me for 10-14 years. Many choose to work only with me. Long term collaborations with clients are fulfilling because I can continue developing a visual style with them as their brand evolves. The client enters a creative process with me to establish a look that is totally now and yet goes beyond a momentary trend.
Life is a series of experiences, memories and moods. Good photography is about capturing an image that represents a momentary impression of life, a detailed glimpse of reality suspended in one frame. Photographing a person is a subtly intimate way of getting to know them. Looking through a lens is to see life from a different perspective. This is what I love about my job. It satisfies my curious, technical mind and my visual artist’s soul.